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Marapana, new Foreign Affairs Minister

Development Assignments Minister Tilak Marapana sworn in as the Foreign Affairs Minister before President Maithripala Sirisena at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday. Secretary to the President, Austin Fernando was also present. Picture by Chandana Perera


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Jaffna is being patrolled, under a dubious pretext, by government soldiers, against what is required in the last UNHRC resolution, after Buddangala Buddhist priest visited Jaffna and met a Judge, who went on his knees to worship the priest, in a slave posture. The priest however cynically laughed at the judge, evidenced by a photo published in “Island” daily newspaper. Neither the judge nor the Buddhist priest appear serious in their acts. For me, it looked like a fake drama, staged with a hidden agenda. The priest, a retired army general, later went to Palaly military camp to meet soldiers, thereafter, the patrolling by the soldiers started in Jaffna. Buddangala, started and named by this retired army general, who opted to be a priest, in this area 50 years ago, then occupied predominantly by indigenous Tamils for many centuries. The priest terrorised, murdered many Tamils and chased away the rest in an act of Tamil genocide, to make it a “Sinhala land”. The UNHRC should open a public investigation leading to an International Inquiry to ascertain the truth, and grant justice, not only in Buddangala but in all such areas in the North East, where there is and had been ethnic cleansing or Tamil genocide; if the GSL, UNHRC and the world are serious about Democracy, rule of Law, Human Rights, constitution and reconciliation in SL.

The whole thing is mockery of worst kind created for te sake establishing some sort of evil deeds which repeat itself by other evil deeds the whole thing is a mockery of worst kind created by elected official for sake of everything is fine but in fact everything in and out is shameful disgrace to the country public and worst of all all the elected government and defence forces wearing uniform loafing around bullying innocent citizens random shooting stealing not paying bills in resturants. So here we are celebrating in the country religion holidays praising doing disgraceful low defamatory things

We all created our life often controlled by others nothing change unless there is a reward gift progress opportunity there. Change is always happening for society to progress or unfortunately to get damaged we all move with change so one must stay calm or fight kill perish survive create another chance. Opinions vary but analyses understanding vital with all parties.


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