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Methma Athauda - Prefect-installation.
Methma Athauda - Prefect-installation.

Head Prefect of Mahamaya Girls College Kandy Methma Athauda has been inculcated in strong Buddhist values. It is the driving force in her life. Perfect Prefects features Methma Athauda, a proud product of the rich Buddhist traditions and teachings of Mahamaya.

“The Post of Prefect-ship requires good leadership qualities. I need to cooperate with others and organize many events at school. So I have to balance my studies and all my other activities with the prefectship. It is not easy but where there is a will there is a way. So as a Head Prefect I must give priority to my studies. So I need to fulfill both commitments,” said Athauda

Athauda, a principled young woman regards patience as an admirable quality.

“One leadership quality that I regard as important is patience. Another is being friendly with others. They must be able to come and talk with me openly and I need to take their ideas into consideration. I should be easily accessible. I feel another valuable quality in a leader is respecting our teachers and our elders,” stated Athauda.

Leading by example is one of her principles.

“I feel that it is important for me to be a good example for others. In other words I must lead by example. Otherwise I don’t think it is fair for me to ask them to follow me. So the first thing is, being a competent leader so that others will want to follow me. I study in a Buddhist Girls School, so I have to behave in accordance to the values of Buddhist teaching. I need to obey my traditions because Mahamaya is a Buddhist school with a very proud history. So I really must give priority to the traditions and uphold the values that every girl at Mahamaya adheres to,” pointed out Athauda.

Tact and diplomacy can go a long way.

“Intelligence is an attribute I feel is important because ultimately I have to work with others and organize many things. Without wit I do not think we can execute a plan to satisfaction,” added Athauda.

Ambition and conscience are two more of her qualities.

“One leader I look up to is Nelson Mandela. He was a fine example to his followers. He always thought about others. I really respect him. My ambition in life is to be a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a bank. I am going to sit for my A/Ls in the commerce stream. I always tell my prefects under me to think about the school first and foremost. Do not be self-centered. Give priority to Mahamaya and what it stands for. These values are the cornerstone of the school,” explained Athauda.

Having a good education is important for any child. Because that is something no one can take from you.

“If you do not have a good education then you won’t have a good future. Without your studies your opportunities are limited. Also you need to respect your school. That is your service to the school that has given you so much,” informed Athauda Mahamaya has taught her so many lessons.

“The Buddhist values taught to me from Mahamaya are being righteous. We need to respect other human beings. I ask them to do the right thing. Take the right path. I believe in doing what is right and I hope others will follow my example,” shared Athauda.

Being an Athlete has its own lessons.

“I am an Athlete. I have been doing Athletics for nine years. And what I have learnt on the field is hard work. Without hard work we cannot win a game. Athletics is really a competition so we need to practice as hard as we can. Our behaviour must also be disciplined. It helps to be friendly with others on the field of sport. You learn the importance of friendship with others. That is what I have really learnt from Athletics. The partnerships you form,” elucidated Athauda.

Mahamaya has been producing women of fine character. Women who are examples to others because of their discipline.

“Mahamaya is my second mother. I feel that attitude also plays a big role in your development. I feel that nothing is unattainable. Up to now I have balanced everything. Like I said before, if there is a will there is a way. Of course the help others give you matters a lot. My school is one of the best schools in Sri Lanka. It has provided me with so many opportunities. I am privileged to have this position. This school has gifted us with the incentive and means for us to forge a fine future. We have received a good education. We have received good leadership qualities. I am proud to be a student of Mahamaya. It is a school with a rich history and timeless traditions,” said Athauda.

The cooperation she has received cannot be forgotten.

“My fellow prefects are very helpful. They bring so many ideas to the table. My Junior Prefects are also very helpful. I am truly grateful for the fact that they respect me and that they cooperate with me. My mother is a big role model for me. My teachers are also very supportive, giving me good advice. They always show us the right path. And for this I really respect them. They are our second mothers,” summed up Athauda.


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This young lady desrve our admiration irrespective of her religion etc. It is high time young people like her communicate with politicians telling them be honest to their souls be honest and respect each other. Be cooperative trustful to the public and fellow politicians. No hate speeches. Spend wisely


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