Southern Expressway accident claims life | Daily News

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Southern Expressway accident claims life


A 21-year-old person was killed and a Buddhist monk was injured when a van crashed into safety railings on the Southern Expressway this morning. 

Police said that the van traveling from Kadawatha to Godagama had crashed into the safety railings near the 46.1L KM post.

The injured monk was admitted to the Nagoda Hospital. The deceased has been identified as Maniwelgoda Tharindu Tharanga a resident of Pitigala.

Police said the accident occurred when the driver of the van had fallen asleep at the wheel.

Welipenna police is conducting further investigations. 


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The middle lane is too narrow to overtake in all highways and the middle railing is too close. Some one has cut costs. Check the original design to verify. Something need to be done. Add at least 1 m to the middle lane (overtaking lane).


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