IUSF protest: Eight arrested, five cops injured | Daily News

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IUSF protest: Eight arrested, five cops injured

Eight people including a Buddhist Monk who behaved in an unlawful manner during yesterday’s Inter University Students’ Federation(IUSF) protest at Town Hall were arrested, the Police said.

Five Policemen who were injured while trying to disperse members of the IUSF who engaged in the protest defying a court ruling were admitted to the Narahenpita Police hospital, the Police media unit said.

Meanwhile,IUSF sources said that over 10 members who participated in the protest were admitted to hospital with injuries sustained due to alleged Police assaults.

The Police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the protesters who blocked roads and caused traffic jams, inconveniencing the public.

The IUSF said yesterday’s protest was mainly over abolishing the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine.

In addition the IUSF demanded the government to take action on university admission shortages, to allocate six percent of funds to education, to refrain from money charges within school systems, stop selling government organisations and to refrain from making ETCA agreements between India and Sri Lanka.


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time for the government to seriously consider separating the monks from the students build a different university in anuradhpura for the monks stop the free education charge a minimal fee

IUSF is only the tale of Medical Mafia Monster which direct and sponsor all these activities for fear of survival. Arresting students is not the answer. Take action to establish law and order in the country by taking people in to the judicial power and control by taking action against who commit contempt of courts. Take the master minds into custody and implement court orders. Stop unnecessary strike actions in the country which affect the poor patients. If the government stay further silent, this will be a very big threat to the existing government. Please do not neglect these activities as anti SAITM acts.

All universities should charge tuition fees and the students from families that cannot afford it, given loans to facilitate it, payable after graduation and finding a job. This will then eliminate the timewasters there only to protest at one thing or another but more importantly, attract students who wants to study.


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