Twelve hour water-cut in Kelaniya, Wattala on May 19 | Daily News

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Twelve hour water-cut in Kelaniya, Wattala on May 19


The National Water Supply and Drainage Board said today that water supply in Kelaniya and Wattala Divisions will be crippled from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on May 19.

The Water Board told Daily News Online that areas covering the Kelaniya Provincial Council, Peliyagoda Municipal Council, Wattala Municipal Council and Hendala Provincial Council will be affected.

The water-cut is due to repairs in two 900mm steel pipes, supplying water to the Kelaniya and Wattala Divisions, the Water Board said.


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Whatever it is there cannot be a water cut in a water filled country as there were no gas cut in a gas filled country and no petrol cut in petro filled country.


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