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Parliament has 94 MPs without O/Ls

Ninety four MPs have not passed their GEC (O/L) examination while there are only 25 graduates among the 225 legislators in the present Sri Lankan Parliament, former Chancellor of the University of Peradeniya, Prof. M O A de Zoysa said yesterday.

He observed that MPs who have been elected to make laws on behalf of the people must conduct themselves with dignity.

Addressing a media briefing held in Colombo yesterday, he said the conduct of the Joint Opposition MPs since the day the Yahapalana government came to power amounted to a contravention of parliamentary discipline.

Parliament is a place that makes laws. Its members should be dignified, with a knowledge of their subjects, logical intelligence and of impeccable conduct. But, we cannot see these qualities in most of the MPs today,” he said.Taxpayers money is being spent for the welfare of all MPs and a Rs. 2500 Special Attendance Allowance, with the luxury meals, are provided to them for one sitting. Therefore, MPs should bear in mind their responsibilities. But, everyday, when parliament meets, JO members disrupt parliament proceedings for about one or two hours. So how can parliament pass laws on behalf of the people and the country? The conduct of certain senior members is not good and it is disgusting.

They may be senior but, they have not matured. They have been given front seats to set an example to junior MPs,” he said. Senior Lecturer at the University of Sri Jayawardenapura Dr. Terrence Purasinghe said Sri Lanka follows traditions and conventions built over a long period of time in the British Parliament. Apart from these, Standing Orders have laid down how business should be conducted in the House. These are the rules that have to be followed by the MPs. But, most of the MPs do not follow them today. 

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94 drop outs identified in a small sample of people is a bit concerning . The secondary system is designed to give a student 3 years of learning experience .We do not know where these people gained their informal knowledge to aspire to come forward to be in a law making body of the country .Is that why they cross the house to the other side without any sense of responsibility but may be a Ministerial Position .These self made personalities would not have empathy with those who slogged valuable man hours for study and gain knowledge to have a rounded education at Tertiary levels and how their education may increase value added service if gainfully employed .. Even in Parliament they would not identify their rights to debate and discuss and the rights of others to speak without railroading with jeers or interruption ..This is playing to the gallery ..Some educated seem to use their education to steer the whole train load to suit their Ego ..Sad for the people for they might think if I can do it why not you ..what has education done look at me .

What do you think... really. In politics, ANY country, the politicians want that chair, and do whatever to stay there. If they can get their friends there, regardless of skill, to vote with them and scratch and protect their backs... they do anything to make it happen. Grow up people. This is common from Biafra to USA. Why should Sri Lanka be different ?

No you can't have the names !!!.. Hon PM has stated in no uncertain terms that Hon. Speaker has ruled that you have NO Right To Information about the creatures inhabiting the Diyawanna -

Elementary and so basic. Just specify clearly and unambiguously, the eligibility requirements and minimum, recognized educational qualifications of a Member of Parliament in the New Constitution that is being put together.

Is it that being an MP is not attractive ?,or only thugs can get elected?. The whole system should be changed in a country which produce more than 10,000 university graduates. Countries like Germany, Singapore ,most of the cabinet ministers have got post graduate qualification. No wonder why Sri Lanka is going down the drain .This is a complex problem as not only the MP's are uneducated, the public is not mature enough to use the democratic voting right .They bow down to a roofing sheet or a piece of cloth. Where on earth ,do you have a minister known as kudu .......? .We need some one like Donald Trump to put the system on the correct path.

Isn't it us the 12 million voters who elected them? So are we more "educated" than them to elect this bunch into power?

well said Lankaputra. "The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate." - Thomas Jefferson. An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people. Now we all know why thamils are denied their fair share in the society.

Can any meadia org.. publish the name and qualifications of theses 225..?? I think its legal now under the right to information bill...

Education does not have to come from a classroom or an online course, life experiences are the best teachers of them all!

It is about time the Legislature introduces minimum requirements for Politicians to contest at Elections. Other than the Education, any one with a Police Record should be barred from entering the Legislature. This will be a difficult task as the majority of the sitting members will be disqualified, but will help to keep the criminals and uneducated hooligans out and make the Legislature a respected place like the Senanayake era.

Before you go an bash these people, please remember who elected them to office. I think those are the real fools

Ho ! ho ! that is why this bunch behaves like this , no manners no discepleen, no respect and doesn't know to talk . just because these are all political henchman's who got the tickets and came to power by licking their superior's feet . that's their qualifications . so people are so dumb to give their valuable vote and make these fellows politicians . budhu saranai devi pihitai ratata. at last everyone's eyes has opened .bye for now .

The criteria should be the level of maturity, not OL Graduation. People select their leaders to match their maturity, irrespective of the educational qualifications possessed by themselves or the leaders sought by them.

Shows the illiteracy levels in the country. No wonder there is pandemonium in the parliament. The clause to be amended in the constitution should be a) The levels o minimum education to be an MP. b) Dual passport holders cannot be eligible to be MP.

Last decades lot of unqualified people got into parliament because of this is the only way they could find a job and make good money at the expense of hard-working taxpayers as they are too busy earning their rupee. while those people have big mouth campaigned with their guns and grab the innocent voters votes and become MPs. No one was or no parliament in law scrutinise their qualifications to prevent those becoming member of parliament and even become ministers. These MPs had only one intention that they make maximum money for themselves and their families while they hold the title. They never want to develop the country and they had no idea to understand the need of the country. After learning lessons in past at least now on parliament should adopt the minimum qualify for a parliamentarian at least a GCE A/L pass!

OL is not a bench mark of intelligence, how a person is brought up, nurtured and past record are more important. I have seen how the seniors behave in the parliament, they have specific agendas to destabilise and grab power. People who cry for corruptions are the crooks, this is evident from JO group. We need a new breed of politicians, i doubt that this will happen in the next two decades

You will see few purchased PhDs, Masters and B Degrees soon against their some other public authority heads did in the past..

This Country desperately needs educated people to govern it. The Elections Act(s) should be amended forthwith to introduce minimum educational level for candidates. It should be made compulsory to publish the educational qualifications of the candidate on newspapers before handing over the nominations for any petty election. Persons who do not posses higher educational qualification/s should not be given nominations. This should be made a firm law in the country. Some fools who do not posses even O/L are entitled for a 45 million vehicle, pension + many other benefits even the heavens do not enjoy. . Shame.

"The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate." - Thomas Jefferson. An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people. Now we all know why thamils are denied their fair share in the society

There was a Minister thug with only studied to year three, ended up with a Doctorate. That was Dr. Mervin de Silva. There was a Radiographer, lived in Australia, now living in Colombo, also has a Doctorate. That is Dr. Somaratne Dissanayake. It has become very easy to get a Honorary Doctorates from some Universities, without any qualifications. Sometimes with thuggery or threats. Time to clean up this.

Naturally You cannot expect anything better than ruining the country. Such beings are better if used to draw carts.

There should be end to this nonsense. NO ONE should be allowed to enter politics without educational qualifications. At least O levels and 10 15 years service in State sector or established private sector.

So what are the educated Politicians doing .Having the last laugh or using this situation .andayan ge rate ek as thiyana miniha rojakam karanava .Apologies to todays blind they strive to get educated and get smarter ..

thanks for the revealing the truth. only few graduates, specialist doctors, law expertiest in the parliament. all of the parties given nominations to person who havent o/l qualifications, thaguries and highly corrupted people. unfortunately, these professors also helped to power in them. this prof. also a member of UNP executive committee. they selected such persons as their nominees and now come to media and reveal this.

Now that the damage is already done ,the government must fix this alarming situation. Without embarrassing these MP's offer them a one to one crash course in communicating fluently in English, Sinhala, Tamil. economics, science, political science,etiquette,discipline,. The tutor must be high level public servants or graduates who can train them discreetly.

How was this allowed to happen? Even to work as a bank teller, don't we need more education than O/L. It is about time the citizens of the country stand up and make their voices heard. We urgently need a system in place that is characterised by merit-based recruitment to make sure tenure in office not linked to personal or political patron.

It is not the level of education that matters-but the personality of the the Minister. There are people with a flair and thirst for helping people without education. And there are educated people who are just morons!. Just see whats is happening during the School cricket matches.....?

No problem. They understand the value of education and therefore not hesitant to approve any boutique university if the price is proportionate to the annual turnover of the boutique university.

A comparison of the standard of education Ministers & MP's of each govt. in power since independence will give a better insight to this issue. The govt should implement a minimum education level to all members of parliament. Nominations should be given only to persons with a minimum education level. All ministers & deputy ministers should have minimum a university degree or equivalent. Also, the educational certificates should be properly scrutinized to ensure they are not "Fake".

Please provide guarantee that those with qualifications will not steal from the people.

There should be a well-disciplined criteria for a person to be a contestant to become a MP. These are some of the things to be considered. The education, involvement in criminal/bribery activity, age (must have an upper limit). This way a lot of undesirable characters could be eliminated quite easily.

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