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SLMC final decision on SAITM due on Feb. 17

The final decision of the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) on SAITM will be declared on February 17, SLMC sources said.

According to sources, the management committee of the SLMC met yesterday. The meeting was headed by SLMC President Prof. Carlo Fonseka. They decided to declare their decision on February 17.

Prof. Fonseka said SLMC approval cannot be given to SAITM until it meets the required standards.

Currently, SLMC lawyers are studying the case file on the SAITM judgement given by the Court of Appeal, the source said.

Meanwhile, the Specialist Doctors’ Association has stated that they will extend their fullest support to the SLMC and accept the SLMC decision on SAITM. Association President Dr. Nimal Ratnasena informed the SLMC of their association’s decision. During a discussion between the SLMC and the Specialist Doctors’ Association, it was decided to demand the Health Minister to introduce and pass laws in Parliament in connection with the Minimum Standards on commencing private medical faculties.



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Excellent idea to pass laws on minimum standard to commence private medical studies. SAITM repeatedly asked SLMC for several years and never got an answer. Does this apply to the 2 state med. faculties about to start. Will SLMC approve them. What about Rajarata and Eastern without staff. Will they be closed as GMOA head teaches there. Are there double standards and is there equal protection of the law for all citizens, without exception. SAITM has moved beyond these and is legal in entry, curriculum, staff, exams, examiners and MBBS degree under UGC approval, and Ministry of Higher Education, as per Court judgment and ruling. These students sat innumerable Semester exams. for 7 years to get MBBS and court ruled that SLMC violated Medical Ordinance by refusing them provisional registration to complete their internship under strict supervision of Consultants and Professors whose indoor staff help. Interns don't treat outdoor OPD. They don't kill like in GMOA strikes. If SLMC has honour, integrity and statutory govt. alignment, they cant behave like TUs. They should resign and let govt. appointees carry out verdict or face contempt of court. Supreme Court has been petitioned by SAITM about an alteration of the Public Service Commission minutes done in October 2014 before SLMC Inspection in July 2015. Proves real malice.

Once the matter was settled by a court based on various evidence in front of them they are entitled to full licensing and practice privileges within the country. Conflicts and delay will cause the medical establishment lot of unwelcome problems and standing in the world medical council. Rajarsta eastern medical colleges suffer lack of competent medical staff in their faculty. Medical education and continuing medical educations by the educators are some serious concern. This should be reviewed by university grants commission with overall assessment of all medical education in the country. Country should train clinicians all exam assent ent communication skills etc not lok worms academics

SLMC should not behave funny. A case was challenged in frount of courts. A verdict is given. Two options in front of you. Either accept the decision or appeal it. Pls do not be funny by arousing extremist trade unions and relative fellow parliamentarian jokers, bringing student extremists in to the streets. Where were the minimal standerds when you approved the KDU?


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