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Legal action against police for H’toa incidents: G.L.

Sri Lanka Podu Jana Peramuna President and former External Affairs Minister Professor G.L. Peiris yesterday said that legal action would be taken against the police for dispersing a peaceful protest in Hambantota by using tear gas and water canons.

He was addressing a press conference in Colombo yesterday.

He said over 2,000 STF personnel with police had been deployed to disperse a peaceful protest by the people of Hambantaota against the proposed acquisition of their lands by the authorities for the establishment of an Industrial Zone.

“The Inspector General of Police who was among the police officers present were seen giving orders to attack the Buddhist monks who participated in the peaceful protest,” he said.

Peiris said the police should take the responsibility for disrupting public life by unleashing violence. The former minister said he has already held discussions with senior lawyers to institute legal action against the police.

“The IGP is at the beck and call of the Prime Minister. He is willing to do anything to win the confidence of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe,” he said. Professor Peris said the IGP’s conduct has brought disrepute to the department.

“The Chairman of the National Police Commission has already tendered his resignation and the Commission has failed to take any action against the IGP,” he said.


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I doubt there were government intervention (unlike the previous government in which GL was associated) at Hambantota. Professor G.L. Peiris' gripe is that the police managed to de-escalate a nonsense protest getting out of control which he hoped would turn into a riot, playing footsie to his mentor Mahinda Rajapakse. It is pathetic a learned man should stoop so low for the crumbs thrown at him by his mentor.

The so called buddhist monks are all Nomal's thugs dressed in robes. Buddhist monks have no place in politics or protests, violent or otherwise. They should be exposed for who they really are

How to file action when the courts order has been overlooked.


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