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Private bus-owners call off strike


The strike scheduled for tomorrow (15) by the Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA) has been called off, Chairman Gemunu Wijeyratne said.

The decision came after talks with the Finance Minister this evening (14). 

Following the discussion Wijeyratne told the media that the Finance Minister had told him that his remark about the minimum fine had been misrepresented. 

He said the Minister had promised to look into the matter. 

Private bus-owners on Friday (11) threatened action if the government didn’t revise a proposed increased fine for traffic offenses.

At a press conference this morning (14), the The Private Bus Owners' Association said  they would go ahead with the planned strike tomorrow, if the government did not respond to their demands to withdraw the proposed minimum traffic fine of Rs.2,500.

Addressing the media at the press-conference in Colombo this morning he expressed disappointment at the Budget 2017, for not paying significant attention on public transportation.

"We are less worried about the minimum fine. What we are really worried about is the lack of facilities given to the private buses, that contribute a 60% to the public transportation in Sri Lanka," he said. 

"We are hoping the Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake will have a positive response to our demands, if so we can discontinue the bus strike,' he told reporters.

He added that the proposed bus strike would be supported by the Three Wheel Drivers' Association and the All Island School Children's Transport Association. 

He also criticized the conduct of certain police officers handling traffic offenses, saying: "The minimum fine will only help certain corrupt traffic police officers." 




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It looks like the Unions have won again. The minister is about to do another backflip. It's time the rest of the public held a mass protest against these Unions.

What kind of threat is this. Gamunu should be out in Jail for asking to break the country's law and order. They are criminals. There has to be drastic measures to get the bus drivers in order as they are already driving like killers. The government should introduce a minimum qualification level for bus drivers and introduce a new course a d any one fail that should not be allowed to drive. How count person who has a little bit of education would ask to break law and order for cheap. Soon they will strike for putting drivers in jail for killing people too.

A deterrent should not be diluted because of flexing of muscles by an organised sector that should know better and behave more responsibly. The worst affected are the voiceless two wheel riders who have no organization to articulate their grievances especially the younger generation of students and recently employed.

In other words is the government sanctioning traffic offences? Are bus drivers, three wheeler johnnies and motor cyclists licensed to kill people? People are fined if they breed mosquitoes, dogs are killed whether they are rabid or not, elephants are killed for raiding crops, but killers on the road are allowed do so with impunity. What prevents them from being disciplined? What sort of justice system is this? If some invertebrates think this fine should be revised why did they propose such a fine in the first place? This is exactly why people take the law into their own hands and assault the culprits.

I would have been happy if this 2500/- was increased further to 5000/- if Possible. If these bus drivers drive according to the road rules then they have no need to get so agitated about the fine even if it is 10,000/- Therefore I think the Minister should not cow down to these bus drivers demands and stick to the 2500/- as we know how they violate all the rules and kill, maim and inconvenience all other drivers and commuters.. Gamunu must be talking through from some other part of his anatomy and certainly not through his mouth.Please dont reduce but if possible increase it some more!!!!

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