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Basil did no wrong: S. B. Dissanayake


Social Empowerment and Welfare Minister S. B. Dissanayake said he believed former minister Basil Rajapaksa had done no wrong in distributing GI pipes to pradeshiya sabhas.

"Perhaps the timing was wrong," the Minister said of the incident, “but I see nothing wrong with what he did.”

Former Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa is being investigated by the Financial Crimes Investigation Department (FCID) of the Police for misappropriating monies belonging to the Divi Neguma Development Department.

He is accused of using Rs.35 million belonging to the Divi Neguma Development Department to purchase the GI pipes and distribute them to 158 pradeshiya sabhas, to erect banners and flags in support of his brother, the former president Mahinda Rajapaksa's bid for re-election.

“The pipes were purchased according to due tender process, the purchased pipes were duly delivered the pradeshiya sabhas. The pradeshiya sabhas need pipes – for temple functions, funerals, when a minister is visiting – they need pipes for all of this,’ Minister Dissanayaka said, admitting however the former ministers timing is a ‘different story.’

“But as far as the transaction is concerned, pipes were bought, and pipes were delivered – what’s wrong with that?” 

"Why, is there some law saying you can't distribute pipes during an election?" he asked. 





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This SB is a shameless rascal. If you remember, he joined hands with that loathesome shit-cart mouth Hudson Samarasinghe for Chairman of SLBC and over the air, insulted Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaranatunge, the former President, where both the degenerates screamed that she should be stripped naked and chased along the road. It is indeed very very strange that such an abomination was taken in by our current President, Maithripala Sirisena. It is also very strange why Mrs. Kumaranatunge did not file any defamation against SB. It is also more strange and stranger, that when SB misappropriated the girls hostel for medical students gifted by a philanthropist Doctor, no action was taken against him. What the hell is happenning????!!!!

Sagala Banda Dah Jarava was also one time convicted for misappropriation of funds, so he sympathize with someone who committed the same crime

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