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School admission drama: Thewarapperuma IN suicide bid

Deputy Minister Palitha Thewarapperuma is seen attempting to commit suicide by hanging himself from a fan at the Meegahatenna Primary School.(Bottom) The deputy minister on a fast unto death. Pictures by Agalawatte group correspondent


Attempts to hang himself on ceiling fan  
Principal relents, but falls unconscious

In a dramatic turn of events, Internal Affairs, Wayamba Development and Cultural Affairs Deputy Minister Palitha Thewarapperuma yesterday attempted suicide after his fast unto death protest demanding the educational authorities to enroll 10 students to Grade I of the Meegahetenna   complaining of a heart ailment. He was later transferred to the Nagoda General Hospital.

A few hours later, the deputy minister was rushed to a private hospital in Colombo as his condition worsened, a member of his personal staff told the Daily News.

Thewarapperuma is now receiving treatment at the Intensive Care Unit, he said.

Meanwhile, the Principal of the school who fell unconscious after he saw the deputy minister attempting to hang himself, was also admitted to the Megatenna district hospital and later transferred to Nagoda General hospital.

Police to take action against Deputy Minister

Lahiru Fernando

Police Media Acting Director SSP Priyantha Jayakody that the Police would take action against

Deputy Minister Palitha Thewarapperuma, for his attempted suicide was an offence .

He said the Police were currently investigating the incident.

SSP Jayakody said that the Police would take action against Wayamba Development and Cultural Affairs Deputy Minister Palitha Thewarapperuma,for his attempted suicide, which is a punishable offence .

He said Police were currently investigating the incident.

 Thewarapperuma a down to earth politician -Vijithamuni

Manushi Silva

“Deputy Minister Thewarapperuma is a simple and genuine politician close to the hearts of  the people. He serves the public irrespective of their position or status. Therefore, we would not let such a “down to earth”politician resign from the Yahapalana government or make an exit from life” said Irrigation and Water Resources Management Minister Gamini Vijith Vijithamuni Soysa.

He made this statement soon after a media briefing held at his ministry yesterday while he was preparing to go to rescue Thewarapperuma who was in a serious health condition due to his hunger strike.


Thewarapperuma in ICU, Principal hospitalised

Deputy Minister Palitha Thewarapperuma who attempted to commit suicide yesterday, was admitted to Meegahatenna hospital after  primary school was abruptly stopped on a court order. Thewarapperuma with the parents of 10 students began a protest on Monday opposite the Meegahatenna primary school demanding admission of the students. The deputy minister said that these students have been denied admission to the school by the Zonal Education officials and the Western Province Education Minister.

This protest turned into a continued fast by Tuesday evening as the educational authorities insisted that the students can not be enrolled to the school in violation of the circulation for admission for grade one students.

Enraged after the fast was forced to a stop on a court order, the Deputy Minister with his supporters stormed a building and attempted to hang himself using his shirt.

By that time the principal of the school rushed to the scene and yelled out that the children would be granted admission students to the school forthwith. However, the principal, at the sight of the deputy minister trying to hang himself on a fan, went unconscious.



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