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Attempt to sideline popular leaders: Dilum


Dilum Amunugama MP addressing the media in Kandy yesterday expressed disappointment over his removal as the SLFP organiser of the Senkadagala electorate in Kandy.

Amunugama said that there was an attempt to sideline popular leaders and appoint less capable ones in their place.

"Such attempts will only drive the party to defeat at future elections," he added.

Amunugama, a vociferous leader of the so-called joint opposition, said he had come to know about his removal through the media.

"I was not even informed about my removal. I came to know about this through the media. I am saddened and disappointed because I have always given my best to the progress of this party," he added.

Amunugama said he could accept his removal if he was replaced by a better performer and added: "I received 105,000 votes at the last general election and my replacement is one who contested for the provincial council polls and became third or fourth. You all can see who is more suitable".

The young Kandy district MP also noted that he had never hesitated to highlight the wrongdoings of the present government and questioned whether this fact was linked to his removal.

"If that is the case there is a serious question about democracy within the party," he added.

Amunugama said labeling those who criticise the wrong doings of the government as people of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa was not correct and added that such politicians who highlight government's failures and wrong acts were only fulfilling the expectations of the people who voted for them. 

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