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CEB Engineers’ Union calls off strike temporarily


The work to rule strike which was launched by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) Engineers’ Union was temporarily called off today.

The CEB Engineers’ Union President Athula Wanniarachchi said that the decision was made after the Public Utility Commission agreed to comply with the low cost 20 year power supply plan.

On Monday Wanniarachchi said that the union will consider CEB’s requests and make a decision today.

Referring to the CEB he said, ‘We demand that they withdraw their plan and accept ours. We don’t want to inconvenience the public, but as you can see, we can’t keep operating power plants that do not have the necessary approval’.

However he added that the action plan to suspend the power supply from the Norochcholi Power plant at 4 p.m. was also called off by the trade unions. 


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I am keen to find out where our CEB Engineers rated worldwide ? If they are the Best in the business why on earth do they get Consultants to do their Job ?

It would be very difficult to rank CEB engineers because they come out of the Universities and get a job with the CEB and retire at the end. At the CEB they don't accept any overseas experience as qualified experience. All the administrative positions are held by electrical engineers including personnel manager. So can anybody rank them. Some engineers are glorified meter readers.


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