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SMSPU to meet all religious leaders

The State Medical Students’ Parents Union {SMSPU} met several leading Buddhist Bhikkus and scheduled to meet all religious leaders.

But President Maithripala Sirisena, the Higher Education Minister and some other politicians have not given an opportunity for the union to meet them, State Medical Students’ Parents Union Media Spokesman Wasantha Alwis said.

He was addressing the media in Colombo on Monday.

He said the union informed Ven. Muruththettuwe Ananda Thera and Ven. Bengamuwe Nalaka Thera about the danger posed to the free education by the proposed Sir John Kotelawala Defence University Act (2017). “This act violates human rights of Sri Lankans and militarises free education,” he said.

“The President may not be aware of the conspiracy in bringing in the new act. Prominent people who backed the SAITM are behind the issue. They try to get full advantage by bringing in the act. They tarnish the image of tri-forces while privatising the free education,” he said.

“We are against the private medical faculty to be opened inside the Batticaloa Campus. We do not need Muslim or Buddhist private medical faculties and fight against them.

“We are against the Cabinet paper presented to recruit medical students with three simple passes to the medical faculty,” he said.


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GMOA using Alwis the liar of SMSPU who took self exalted authority to speak on medical education, is really stirring atmosphere because of court case today, trying to threaten judges. Tragedy for GMOA/SLMC case is those with SAITM MBBS by court verdict are legally authorized to go into internship with or without KDU. It is SAITM STUDENTS that need KDU MBBS. All over the world, MBBS NCMC are recognised consultants, though NCMC is no more as Carlo started Ragama med. on NCMC grave of hard work of College of GPs. Why has Alwis opportunist to meet with monks to give the youth of country whether muslims or Buddhists, paid if free not available, education to uplift this ignorant and religion controlled villages of nation falling into the hands of an evil murdering dictator. Sangha must first discipline their own robed rebels on the streets. The only politics this generation including GMOA has experienced is rebellion and not a unified goal of satisfactory nation and character building of integrity and honesty, life without karma but peace and reconciliation. Instead, we have parents and students living mainly on streets, uprooting democracy.

Sri Lanka can create doctors in order to meet motor only the national need but also helpful to any other countries around the world by having Private Medical Faculty in every district. These faculties can have the same examination of the Government Run Universities It will be a gain to our country!

GMOA at last exposing posture against Purawesi Balaya and National Move for Just Society for contempt of court case against Padeniya craving for reelection in June. Insane deceiving ignorant SMSPU rejection is because state entry criteria are offered to SAITM through cabinet, fee paying foreign quota Colombo med. faculty admitting 3 passes and equivalent A/L of many foreign uni. Frog in well SMSPU boiled to death. GMOA digs into all pits and future ambition repeats Lasantha. Carlo's future hope not social but Shangri .


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