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Hold referendum before FTAs are signed - GMOA

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) said a referendum should be held prior to signing Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) to ensure maximum democracy.

GMOA Secretary Dr.Haritha Aluthge said this will make sure that people agree to sign such an agreement knowing all facts and figures on signing foreign trade agreements.

The GMOA stressed the need to introduce a National Policy on signing FTAs.This is because FTAs stand though Governments change time to time, he added.

He said Parliamentary approval is inadequate for FTAs because it is Sri Lanka (the state) which signs and not the ruling political party or the Government in power.

Dr.Aluthge pointed out that a referendum should be held prior to signing an FTA to ensure democracy.


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GMOA gets more insane and weird. Cost and turbulence of referendum for everything is not in utopic finances. What is Parliament for, if not for making laws. Guess MPs must bow to the GMOA which admits FTAs stand when govts. change. Same way, govt. UGC legal approval of SAITM stands when govts. and leaders change. Same way, law of land will stand, and legal verdict of SAITM MBBS internship training stands against SLMC Carlo's violation of the medical ordinance even after he retired. TU strikes cannot change judiciary decisions to free their head AP's contempt of court law suit on June 5th. Get stable.

Imagine GMOA cost for FTA, lunatics wanting referendum for everything. GMOA wanted legal SAITM abolished so their head AP will have no "contempt of court case". Adding injustice to injury, they want to abolish SAITM MBBS which has judicial verdict of internship training and violation of Medical Ordinance by Carlo. What panel will evaluate SAITM MBBS exam. to say that it is not up to standard and who will point an accusing finger at the Professors who are external "state examiners" as well, to say they were fraudulent and deceitful on their job. Surely not Supreme Court. Insane GMOA knows SAITM MBBS must have internship.

GMOA says Parliament approval inadequate and it is the "State" SL that must sign, a leaf straight out of the "Shangrilja May 13th. State means the upcoming Dictator with whom GMOA foolishly commits suicide. There is no Parliament legislation as expertise for policy is absent, judicial justice the GMOA is unaware of, and Executive is confined to things like " if floods, relieve, if disaster, manage, if strikes, submit, in everything appoint a committee, if garbage, wait, if no money, allow robbing, and provide some answer. But this is not exactly ruling and a dictator is grooming himself. It took 60 years for Malaysia to wake up. The current SL civil govt. is the scriptural pattern of God as Judge, Law Giver, King who will save us like in US Constitution, but there is no place for an evil dictator, a Luciferian destroyer the likes of which the world has earlier seen and got eliminated to save but eventually they are not responsible or accountable.


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