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Patients suffer as docs strike

Patients from most parts of the country were inconvenienced due to the one day token strike carried out by the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) against the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) signed with Singapore and the proposed ETCA with India yesterday. Here, patients stranded at the National Hospital in Colombo. Pictures by Ruwan de Silva


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GMOA terrorism is insecurity in finances and jobs. Whether patients live or die is another matter. Their competition is in the private sector and with English speaking citizens supposedly able pay. What if UK also says "No Sinhala speaking doctors for their citizens" That is why this idiotic struggle with nations of Asia. Ex Co of GMOA needs broad based administrative education without politics, but then no finances to down govt.

What a shame, the doctors make poor patients suffer. It is the poorest of the population that can't afford to pay a private doctor went to a government hospital that day. Bunch of selfish scumbags. Your will not publish what I write but that is the way I feel. I had uncles who were doctors and a sibling who is a doctor. They always put their patients before their own cause.


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