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GMOA opposes introduction of Kotelawala Defence Academy Act to Parliament

The Government Medical Officers' Association (GMOA) strongly opposes the proposed introduction of the 'Sir John Kotelawala Defence Academy Act (drafted in 2017)’ to Parliament soon ​and ​will take stern action against it, GMOA Secretary Dr. Haritha Aluthge said.

Addressing a press conference at the GMOA Head Quarters in Colombo yesterday, he said that this proposed Act to abolish the requirement of Act 16, the Examination and also overpowers the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC).

"It also abolishes the requirement for a Compliance Certificate from Professional bodies such as the SLMC,"Dr.Aluthge said.

The GMOA will take several measures against this this Act that is detrimental in Parliament.

The GMOA will educate the media on the issue and inform President Maithripala Sirisena on the latest developments and the current situation. A joint meeting will be held at 11.00 am on April 27 with the participation of a large number of organisations, including anti SAITM organisations, trade unions, students' unions, political parties etc," he said.

"The GMOA has requested all branches to study the proposed Act thoroughly and submit proposals. The GMOA will call a Special Central Committee meeting on May 3 to decide future trade union action and protest campaigns to be organised against the proposed Act, Dr.Aluthge added.


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Irrational and biased Act 16 ERPM must go as it was introduced by GLP for his daughter but now outdated. If any final equation to state MBBS is needed, they should sit the same Final Common MCQ as state. GMOA should be allowed to organize short intensive refresher MBBS course like the "Preintern program" and be well paid for their efforts unlike some of them being well known job agents grabbing commissions. Some integrity has to be the character of a sacrificially giving and teaching healer rather than be a blood letting wicked terrorist VP obsessed and insanely power intoxicated. Carlo SLMC violated the Medical Ordinance and has to register SAITM MBBS for internship training. In that, what is the rationale for GMOA to say that London A/L and high level IB diploma are not eligible for KDU MBBS. When current SAITM students, all admitted after UGC approval of August 2011 for local MBBS and entitled to SLMC registration are now told that they need to go to Nizhny, it is an intense violation of their human rights and freedom of choice.. They opted for local MBBS and not to wander in Nizhny or some other world or outer space. This limited TU has no right to dictate or kill patients. No doctor should be partaker of killing fields which GMOA mafia organize. GMOA mistake was trying to split the ONE CLASS SAITM students for a secret commission pact with several parties. Give the choice to the ONE CLASS to transfer to KDU without forcing them to go to the moon. KDU admits London A/L, SAITM admits London A/L and "State" admits foreign quota on London A/L So what is the problem. Does GMOA want to settle things or obey their paymasters to create trouble hoping to topple govt. and then learn some bitter lessons. Give ALL SAITM to choose KDU. If they wish to Nizhny instead, they could, but GMOA cant choose. SLMC vision must decide to register as a one time act or drown.

President transferred all SAITM to KDU which is the only choice acceptable to SAITM. Now GMOA offers dud dead Nizhny which is failed attempt even by former SLMC Carlo. Crazy to offer other foreign MBBS too. Reason is to ensure GMOA financial commission. These frauds know very well that their project will fail after they grab money. Deceitful robbing Ex Co terrorists controlling GMOA include the secy. new house and 6 other lying destroyers supporting him. Why offer illegitimate Nizhny Twin Program knowing well it wont work.. This is the nature of double tongued snake in grass frauds with frozen brains in GMOA. They have no truth, absolute liars. There is no one in SL with a Nizhny. No SAITM wants Nizhny. What is wrong with KDU for locals. There too GMOA liars say "London A/L not suitable for paid students" but KDU, SAITM and State all 3 admit Lond. A/L GMOA feeds lie after lie into media . We appeal to President to take "stern action" against GMOA. How can the sick trust the prescriptions of money obsessed liars. GMOA ruined SLMC too.


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