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Namal permitted to go abroad


Hambantota district MP Namal Rajapaksa was granted permission to travel abroad for a period of two months by the Colombo Chief Magistrate, today.

Namal Rajapaksa’s passport was impounded as part of magisterial inquiry over alleged money laundering to the amount of Rs.30 million at NR Consultation Pvt Ltd.

Filing a motion before Colombo Additional Magistrate Chandani Dias, counsel Sampath Mendis appearing on behalf of Namal Rajapaksa informed Court that his client is expecting to travel to Russia and Nepal from February 26 until April 26 to attend seminars organized by Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.


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Permitted to go abroad?? Hope you self fund your trips mate, and not put it on the poor old Sri Lankan Tax Payer. I think you and your family have done enough gouging over the years.

His own funds? Not on your life. He's being funded as an MP. This comedy of errors by the Judiciary in SL is letting people go abroad while there are serious charges against them. One has already done a runner, cousin of MR, Jaliya.


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