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On President’s instructions :

All SAITM students to be enrolled to KDU

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday instructed that all current students in the South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine (SAITM ) be enrolled to the Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU) medical faculty.

“The decision was arrived at during a special meeting held at the Presidential Secretariat last evening,” President’s Media Unit said in a statement. The Attorney General, the Vice Chancellor and the Dean of the KDU and the Chairman of the University Grants Commission and several other stakeholders participated at the meeting.

During discussions, a decision was taken to enroll around 1000 students currently studying at the SAITM Medical Faculty to the KDU after perusing their basic admission requirements.

Meanwhile, the President’s official Twitter page stated “after deliberating on all options and listening to all stake holders, I instructed that all current SAITM students to be transferred to Kothalawala Defense University’s Medical Faculty.” Earlier, a Special Commission appointed to resolve the SAITM issue recommended the abolition of SAITM in a manner legally acceptable to the current shareholders, lending institutions and the new entity interested in taking over all operations and management of SAITM, via the transferal of all SAITM’s assets, liabilities, staff and students to a non-state, not-for-profit degree-awarding entity that complies with the Minimum Standards on Medical Education and Training.

It was stated that the legal process to carry this out will require the creation of two separate entities, both in compliance with the Minimum Standards which was a new not-for-profit ‘sunset’ institution that will absorb all students who were in SAITM’s medical programme, as well its assets and liabilities; at which point SAITM will be abolished. The sunset institution will conclude operations when the last current batches of students graduate. No new students will be admitted to this entity.

The second was a new not-for-profit ‘sunrise’ institution that will start accepting new students from 2019. On December 30,2017, the Government signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SAITM and the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) tom carry out the above recommendations. However, several stakeholders involved in the SAITM issue later agitated and handed over a letter to the President requesting him to enroll all students currently at the Malabe private medical university to the KDU medical faculty.



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This is only a temporary solution. Is it that Sri Lanka is not going to have private medical education in the future. It is shame on all stake holders involved

Our leaders lack very badly decision-making skills and courage. We are quite unfortunate to lose so much of resources due to the indecisiveness of the leaders. Leaders must not worry about winning polls in the future elections but resolve the current issues once and for all in the best possible manner. Otherwise, the leaders must resign and allow others who could take the proper decision quickly.

All SAITM students have already been interviewed and UGC govt approved according to the then existing criteria. Govt. has to honour constitutional rights of these student citizens and provide path to MBBS and internship. They cannot now hark back on past A/L after their admission, but if they must equate the MBBS, the only solution is to give the COMMON MCQ PAPERS given to state students which determines internship merit list. Otherwise give MBBS leading to internship. Without trying to categorise, ALL SAITM STUDENTS need to be enrolled to 1 institute KDU or other according to process initiated by President. Once SAITM students finish MBBS, agreement lapses as requested by GMOA. The issue always was to stop private medical education.

If it is so, take all the university students in merit basis, take international school students to government medical faculties, all the educational institutes, private practice, channel practice and private hospitals should be not for profit. If the results of SAITM students are regarded retrospectively it should affect the government medical students as well. Protesters causing public harassment should be punished and strikes in the health sector should be banded.

If SAITM students already govt. approved by A/L grades and interview, and are completing or have completed MBBS, they are ONE CLASS ACTION by law, and are not further open to reclassification on A/L results retrospectively. Otherwise, some medical students in state too can be proved to have lower grades in merit than those UGC refused due to district quotas. What UGC govt. accepted as eligible must hold for both state and SAITM students or we will be opening a can of worms where GMOA too get disqualified as their A/L records too are available to courts. GMOA cannot overdo its destruction. Executive pronouncement is to allow all SAITM already 700 internal students to complete MBBS. There is no legal authority to discriminate into categories within this one group, retrospectively.


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