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Solve SAITM issue immediately: Alwis

The President and the Prime Minister should solve the SAITM issue immediately without dragging it, Media Coordinator of the Parents' Union of Medical Students Wasantha Alwis said.

Addressing a press conference held at the Organization of Professionals Association in Colombo yesterday, he said both the SAITM and state medical students' parents have come to an agreement that all qualified SAITM students should be offered an MBBS from the Kotelawala Defence University (KDU) or a state medical faculty recognized by the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC). Others should be offered an SLMC-recognized foreign MBBS from a recognized foreign university. All other parties connected to the SAITM issue agreed to this decision.

According to Alwis, the entire country had rejected the government's stand on the SAITM. Therefore, the government should remove the Health Minister, Higher Education Minister and Deputy Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva immediately and solve the SAITM issue. The Health Minister sent home the previous regime and this regime. If the government does not solve the SAITM issue, parents will take tougher action against the government and they will make sure that this government will be defeated in all upcoming elections.

SAITM Medical Students' Parents' Association Chairman Gemunu Wijeratne said the government should solve the SAITM issue within two weeks and send all qualified SAITM students to the KDU Medical Faculty or another state medical faculty and others to an SLMC - recognized foreign university.


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Solving SAITM is not political about defeating governments, but about students who legitimately were interviewed by UGC and paid full fees to enter approved Med. Faculty to complete MBBS and be registered by SLMC. Purpose of local Medical Councils is to facilitate approval by showing short comings to bring up to standard. SLMC did that initially and now is able to approve except that 4 GMOA crept in to obstruct as they do not want privates. MS and RW must recognize not to do political economic principles here but do academic justice. They made a huge blunder to destroy SAITM which is still legal with 3 batches of MBBS SAITM which nobody can undo. It is finished. Dr. Neville's local income cut off, but he will start with foreign students soon. SAITM students left high and dry with loss of money, no degree, expelled, a gross injustice. They cant pay for a 2nd course and President and PM who made the blunder must FIND FUNDS - Tom foolery that we have no money, surely- Use executive powers to correct injustice to about 700 students who need to sit final MBBS affiliated to KDU or other absorbed enbloc to a newly authorized STATE FACULTY like Sabaragamuwa, Wayamba or Moratuwa with more teaching hospitals added to already NFTH. Any expenses must be paid by the Prez. and PM govt. who bungled. Sending abroad is nonsense. All deficits in state meds. are absorbed and internship corrects it. In last MBBS with RJ, Psychiatry cancelled but internship given. Foreign quota in Colombo admits 3s passes. So no need to confuse and export. Absorb like NCMC and let these motivated students train. After all medical training is to keep abreast with new knowledge LIFELONG, except for GMOA Ex Co. battling problems most of the time. These were interviewed for Med.Training approval, historically all absorbed with deficits, the lot into new state. President must use executive powers given for such, correct wrong hurriedly before Feb.Court case.

There is no issue called SAITM or advanced Medical Facilities in Sri Lanka. Presume that I am from a rural “Gamey”, and if you ask me if I need a doctor or a hospital, the answer is “yes”. Do not assume that all the rural or urban folks are enjoying high class Medical facilities. As such, if we do not have doctors, please give us more attendants, more para medics, more midwives. (See the state of the Government hospitals!!!). Doctors are only health facilitators, they are not Gods. So all the fuss about SAITM is a joke and it is not a national issue. It is an issue only because the terrorist stance of the GMOA. To treat our fellow Sri Lankans, ask them to come to a clinic and when they come, to tell them they are on strike is “treason”. That means they are not serious about their own concepts of a patient and norms of medical ethics. To come and sit on their chairs the day after the strike and resume work is akin to “No blood in their veins”. But our country is common with such people, who always prostitute their principles of business ethics. The work you do is something that brings your livelihood. Honour it. Not all doctors are ruthless. Many of them are bound by their contrition of heart. But they cannot do anything because their increments, benefits, transfers, permits, foreign trips and their future are all mercilessly controlled by GMOA. We have to live in our country considerate all the rest of the 20 million compatriots. The depredations wreaked on the SAITM students is not justified. Now they have no option but to go the Balkan countries (controlled by GMOA) and complete their Degrees. The only solution to this is Medical insurance, whatever amount it costs the country. It is easier said but hard to implement. It is best to insure anyone over 40 years so that they will go the private hospitals for their medical needs. MOHAMED

Parent Wasantha Alwis seems to be looking for genuine solution. Must recognize those in institute are only one group with one solution (Eg. Lecture boycott agreed by all, not liked) SAITM was one block admitted by UGC approval of Dr. Neville who advertised SLMC recognition by letter of former SLMC President Prof. Lalitha Mendis, later Karl Marx bungled without keeping documents. Though GMOA denies, SAITM from 2011 UGC approved. When final MBBS SAITM became doctors, court approved SLMC registration and internship in January 2017, and all hell broke loose with street marches. Why? All used it as a political platform to be heard as saving patients lives while striking to kill. Agents lost money. Students felt threatened and GMOA used it to monopolise money game and benefits. Health is seen as an easy pool of money and all want to grab money, robbery, murder, scams. If you ask Karl Marx, he will say we are not ready for private medicine, but only robbery. Accept truth. H.E and PM should correct their folly as executing heads, NATIONALISE MALABE like Vavuniya campus of Jaffna Uni. giving to Moratuwa uni requesting Medical Faculty. Dr. Neville should be compensated, as he is now putting legitimate students out and they should not leave. May sell foreign. SAITM parents act as paralysed N-slaves. Only GW even wants KDU, but Dr. Neville collected student money, now will not pay, need to be restrained. Govt. is mandated to look after students it approved, hence need for nationalization of all students and staff until completion of MBBS. Simple for a govt. not needing to bluff or hoodwink. Recover robbed money or ask loan from IMF for SAITM. It was GMOA writing to all countries that spoilt SAITM but they know the truth. IMF will give loan. Our gem stores and Sea Street financed Prez. Premadasa on projects. Blind False poverty H.E and PM correct SAITM tragedy govt. created, not giving into politically false economic principles to destroy intelligent future generation of SL. Govern not chase money. Absorb SAITM to 1 faculty.


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