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Mervyn complains of death threats

Former Minister Mervyn Silva has lodged a complaint with the police that he has been subject to death threats. The former minister told the Daily News yesterday that he had filed a complaint with the Narahenpita police station for he has been constantly receiving death threats from unknown callers.

“The number of death threat calls increased remarkably after I was called upon by the Colombo Magistrate to appear before Courts on November 11 to give evidence regarding the white van culture.

The callers have been forcing me to hold back giving any information about the whole operation of white vans,” he said.

“They said if I went to Courts and revealed any information about those responsible for the white van culture, I will be killed and my grave will be sealed with a tombstone placed on it.” Silva said.

“ I told them I have already made a tombstone to be placed on my grave,” he said. “These threats will not stop me from giving evidence about the white vans.”

Silva said he was also getting death threats from goons working for some financial leasing companies and the reason for this is that he is forming a major organisation to protect the innocent people harassed by these companies. “I also get death threat calls over trying to start a campaign against the sale of beef in Matara,” he said. “I am against killing animals and I will stand by the principals of Anagarika Dharmapala. As a son hailing from Ruhuna, I will do the best I can to stop cattle slaughter.” Asked if the police had taken any action after he lodged a complaint regarding death threats, Silva said: “ I am thankful to the Narahenpita Police as they are making progress.” 

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