Friday, 31st October 2014


President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the relaunching of the Yal Devi train service linking the North and the South after 24 years. Courtesy: Presidential Media Unit
Only some middle class elements living around Colombo city limits would be thinking of a UNP President next year. They would be imagining various scenarios including an insurgency with the help of the JVP during the period after the first count. The JVP has already begun implementing their plans claiming that the forthcoming election is illegal whatever it means. They are with Sarath Nanda Silva and claim that Mahinda Rajapaksa cannot contest for a third time. However, it is not clear how the Presidential elections would become illegal simply because Mahinda Rajapaksa contests for a third...
The foregoing banner headline ‘18th Amendment: can Mahinda contest for the third term?’ published in the Daily Mirror of Wednesday October 22. 2014 page (A11) carried in the same page, the views and opinions expressed by eminent writers, answering this issue in the affirmative and the negative: This certainly stimulated and prompted this writer, to re-iterate his opinion published previously on this question in issue in the public interest. This writer has in his previous publications in the Ceylon Daily News Paper of 15th September 2010 and 16th September 2010 under caption ‘Feather in the...