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Special driving licenses for school vans

From January 1, 2016, a new special driving license will be issued to all public transport drivers.

School van drivers, three wheel drivers (at a later stage) etc., will be included in this category, DIG Traffic, Amarasiri Senaratne said.

Addressing the media in Colombo yesterday he said that from January 1, 2016, this special driving license will be a must for all school bus/van drivers.

The drivers who wish to obtain their driving license (new drivers) must have driven for a period of three years in order to obtain the special public transport driving license. The system that add marks to the driving license for every traffic rule violation, other offences etc will be introduced soon with the assistance of the Motor traffic Commissioner.

According to DIG Senaratne, the children’s seat will also be made compulsory soon when transporting children in private vehicles. Seat belts have already been nade compulsory for the passenger who sits next to the driver (front seat) in all vehicles with English numbers. But all the other (old) vehicle owners who know the importance of safety have already installed seat belts for their old vehicles.

DIG Senaratne pointed out that a request has already been made from all three wheel manufacturers to install a new belt for the rare seat of all three wheelers in order to make sure that no child is being thrown out from fast moving three wheelers in future. Fifty two percent of the total number of accidents are caused by motor bicycle riders and 18 percent of the total number of accidents are cause by three wheel drivers. By August 31 this year, a total of 2442 accidents had been reported.