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New guidelines for Yala visitors

The Wildlife Conservation Department has introduced several guidelines to visitors to Yala, Wildlife Conservation Department  Director General H. D. Rathnayake said.
He said wildlife officers face various issues with the increase in visitors to Yala and this prompted them to introduce the guidelines.

Among the guidelines are vehicles cannot travel over 25 km, tooting of horns is prohibited and a tour guide must accompany visitors. Rathnayake said tourists should also not carry guns and knives.
"We also urge the visitors not to bring matches, lighters, cigarettes and alcohol. In fact, visitors should not bring anything that can harm nature," he said.
The director general said feeding animals in the park is strictly prohibited.

"Snacks and soft drinks are allowed at the park but they must be consumed at designated rest areas," Rathnayake said.
"Cameras, video-cameras, mobile phones and other electronic devices  must be used with care. Mobile phones must be in the ‘silent’ mode while the volume of radios must be very low," he added.
Alcohol consumption is also strictly prohibited within the park, Rathnayake said adding that garbage must not be thrown out of vehicles.
He also requested visitors not to take anything from the park including soil, stones,  feathers, etc.

The Yala National Park is open for visitors from 6.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Remaining in the park after it is closed is prohibited.
The Wildlife and Conservation Department requests the public to  inform them about any inappropriate behaviour or anything that is a  threat to the park.
Complaints can be sent to [email protected] or 0770466794.

Legal action will be taken against visitors who do not follow the guidelines.