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National innovation exhibition on int'l level

The government will develop the Sahasak Nimevum - the national innovation exhibition to an international level in in its quest to make the country a Knowledge Hub, Sri Lanka Inventors Commission, Commissioner Deepal Sooriyaarachchi said.

He made this observation yesterday at a press conference at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce at Navam Mawatha, Colombo 2 on Sahasak Nimevum - celebration of creativity National Inventions Exhibition 2013 and competition which is to be held for the second time from November 30 to December 2.

He said 155 awards will be awarded at the competition while Rs 9 million will be awarded as cash prizes. Sooriyaarachchi added that the competition will have four participating categories and 12 fields to compete.

Special Award "DASIS" will be awarded for the best in each category while there will be another five special awards.

The 12 fields will include making the disabled independent, environment, food, agriculture, health and nutrition, energy, apparel, textile and accessories, construction, teaching aids, security and safety, entertainment and communication. The applicants have to tender their applications before September 30.

The applicants could apply on They also can contact the Sri Lanka Inventors Commission via 0112424964.

Sooriyaarachchi also said this exhibition and the competition were initiated to inspire and encourage the inventors and commercialize their products. It also concentrates encouraginmg the value added export as the rate is very low at the moment.

He added that another objective is to give a recognition to the inventors when they go before government or a private institutions.

He added that inventors are not ordinary but they are a very special group as the artistes.

Sooriyaarachchi said this type of program was initiated for the first time under this government. He added that Japan initiated such a program in 1904 to bring Japan to today's position.

Technology and Research Ministry Secretary Dhara Wijetilake and Sri Lanka Inventors Commission Director Anuradha Illeperuma also participated. 


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