Esmond Wickremesinghe's 30th death commemoration falls today | Daily News

Esmond Wickremesinghe's 30th death commemoration falls today


The 30th death commemoration of former Editorial Director of the Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (ANCL) Esmond Wickremesinghe falls today. He is the father of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

Esmond Wickremesinghe who steered the most influential print media house - Lake House, left an indelible imprint in the print journalism by crusading for free of the press.

Wickremesinghe left his professional career as a lawyer and entered the newspaper industry. Wickremesinghe 's dedicated service to print journalism in the country was honoured by the International Press Foundation with an award of the "First-ever Golden Pen"

He played a pivotal role in bringing the UNP into power in 1965 .

He was the founder of the country's first television station - the Independent Television Network.

The 30th death anniversary of Esmond Wickremesinghe will be commorated at the BMICH today with the participation of jounalists and veteran media personalities.

The founding Editor of the Divaina newspaper Edmund Ranasinghe is to deliver the Esmond Wickremesinghe Commemorative Oration.