Daily News Expose makes Pro LTTE NGO backer hide her Twitter account | Daily News

Daily News Expose makes Pro LTTE NGO backer hide her Twitter account

Twitter terrorism continues:

Following a Daily News expose on Wednesday on the attempt by pro LTTE Sinhala NGO Mafia in London, Toronto and Sri Lanka to spam-terminate the Twitter account of Ambassador Bandula Jayasekara, Consul General for New South Wales and Queensland, one of the frontline campaigners in the move, Anupama Ranawana had decided to conceal her Twitter account from public view. Ranawana a former employee of the Colombo NGO CPA along with S. Hattotuwa of CPA and Romesh Hettiarachchi LTTE backer in Toronto who are seething after President Mahinda Rajapaksa defeated LTTE terrorism in Sri Lanka, used expletives to vilify Sri Lankan diplomats. The lot are known to be ardent supporters of Mercenary Callum Macrae hired by the overseas LTTE rump to discredit Sri Lanka. The trio has a close connection with anti Sri Lankan Frances Harrison, Gordon Weiss etc., who are on the pay roll of the overseas LTTE rump.

On the heels of the Daily News expose, Romesh Hettiarachchi also got in touch with Gordon Weiss to complain about the Daily News story. Then pro LTTE CPA and Hattotuwa have also started a Twitter campaign to discredit Anuradha Herath, President's International Media Director, and others.