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Another ancient Buddhist centre found

Archaeological Department officials excavating the historic Weherabediyaya site in Meewalapathaha, Galewela found a part of an ancient dageba.

The officials earlier found only bricks and several other items from the site. They said according to legend King Dutugamunu had stayed here leading his battalion to fight with King Elara.

Ruins scattered in about 10 acres can be found here. Among the ruins are stone pillars, slates, a dagaba and a stone wall. Vandals searching for valuables have destroyed some ruins.

Officials said after excavations are completed more artefacts will be found.

"A new chapter will be added to history then," they said.

Meewalapathaha Purana Vihara incumbent Ven. Debawa Gunanandha Thera said ruins are scattered in the temple premises.