Wednesday, 2nd September 2015


  • ‘No utopian dreams, but can do better’
Don’t waste food
Professor Veerle Magdalena Leo Heyvaert, Associate Professor in Law at the London School of Economics, was in Sri Lanka where she conducted a series of workshops from August 24 to September 1 at the Kotelawala Defense University (KDU) on International Environmental Law. The areas covered by her included transnational nature, particularly transnational liability, sustainable development, ecological conservation and climate change and related policy development. Professor Heyvaert also participated at the 8th International Research Conference organized by the KDU on the August 27 and 28 where...
  • President to announce his mission at party’s 64th anniversary
  • SLFP’s attempt to regain “Bandaranaike glory” under President Sirisena
  • Party to ‘clean-up’ administration and rectify flawed policies within two years
President Maithripala Sirisena
The 1951 Manifesto of the SLFP, which included perceptions of social democratic policies of the SLFP, stated that ‘the party believes that our people can achieve the stature of a truly free people only if the principles just mentioned go hand in hand with our revival of cultural and the use of our national languages and the revival and stimulation of the spiritual values, so that religion once again attains its rightful place as a vital force in the lives of our people.’ - Sri Lanka Freedom Party’s first policy statement in 1951 The Sri Lanka Freedom Party, which celebrates its 64th...

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