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Tuesday, August 13, 2013 (All day)
Angelo Matthews joins Elephant House:

‘Stick Eke Luck Eka’

Sri Lanka Cricket Captain Angelo Matthews won a free Jumbo Jolly ice cream in the Elephant House Stick Eke Luck Eka consumer promotion which is sweeping the country and creating much excitement among young Elephant House ice cream fans. Angelo joins the thousands of consumers who are winning similar instant prizes on a daily basis.

“I travel the world over, but I always look forward to enjoying an Elephant House Jumbo Jolly to make me feel instantly refreshed” said Angelo.

Angelo surprised some young Elephant House Stick Eke Luck Eka particpants when he visited their home, informing them that their entry has been included in the first draw to be held on August 30th. The entire family posed for photographs with Angelo, who was joined by Shalik Amanulla and Prageeth Mendis from Elephant House.

The Stick Eke Luck Eka consumer promotion gives loyal fans the chance to win lots of instant prizes and exciting mega prizes by enjoying Jumbo Jolly and 2Bar ice creams and discovering hidden surprises.


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