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Police contemplate legal action against family members

Police are contemplating legal action against the family members of the youth who went missing while in the custody of Hambantota Police, for giving false information.

G. G. Gayashan has confessed to Police that after escaping from the Police Station he had boarded a bus and had gone to Weeraketiya to his sister’s house. According to sources, several other family members too had known his whereabouts.

Describing how he fled the Police Station, Gayashan had said that he had been escorted to the toilet after he informed officers that he had to answer a call of nature.

Gayashan had said that when he came out, as there was no one outside, he decided to escape.

Earlier, the family members of the youth told the media that they feared he may have been harmed while in Police custody.

Later four officers of the Hambantota Police station were transferred to facilitate the ongoing inquiry. Meanwhile, Gayashan was remanded until September 21 by Hambantota District Judge Manjula Karunaratne.

After escaping from Police, the youth has been hiding at several places for nine days until he contacted the monk who is a confidant of his family.

Crimes and Crimes Intelligence DIG Priyantha Jayakody said the Police would seek the Attorney General’s advice to charge the youth over his escape.

He also said the negative fact is that Hambantota Police altered records where there is no mention of an official arrest of the youth. The incident occurred on September 5 when a team of police officers arrested three suspects in connection with a paddy theft at Bandagiriya.

Two of the suspects were produced before the Hambantota Magistrate’s Court and released on bail the following day.

It was later revealed that Gayashan had escaped Police custody. Since then he had been missing while no records of his arrest existed in the Police register.


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