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Massive project to grow pineapple in 25 000 acres


The Small and Medium Industries is planning to cultivate pineapple in 25,000 acres in a move to support local pineapple growers.One thousand nurseries are to be established across the country, Primary Industries Minister Daya Gamage said. The Ministry has also arranged a matching fund to financially help investors to start businesses to support the processing industry,.

It is also planned to set up 5,000 nurseries to help develop the recently introduced Kaprukata Gammiris program.

“The country generates about Rs. 12,000 on a coconut tree per annum and if we send two pepper trees, the country can earn the same amount of money through pepper.”

According to Gamage household lands comprise around 23% of the country’s total land mass and the ministry hopes to get involved with one million households in the country to support these projects.

The Minister also added that 23 new agricultural zones will also be established to support the local processing industry and the ministry hopes to open seven agricultural zones this year. 


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