Hirunika welcomes Duminda's surgery pictures (Audio) | Daily News

Hirunika welcomes Duminda's surgery pictures (Audio)


UNP Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra said she was glad that Duminda Silva's sister, Dilini Silva, went on to publish the pictures of her brother's surgery.

"There were doubts about his medical reports. Many people assumed that he would not be able to lead a normal life, after being shot in the head. That was why certain questions were raised about his health condition," Premachandra said, speaking to Daily News Online.

"On the other hand, there were questions about the conduct of the doctor who treated him.

In that context, we had a doubt whether she concealed information," she added.

"Therefore," she said, "I am glad that Duminda Silva's sister published the pictures of her brother's brain surgery. It is a positive development.

We can now ascertain the veracity of the reports before the country's judiciary." The pictures of the brain surgery were published on Duminda Silva's Facebook page yesterday, in response to a statement by Hirunika Premachandra, questioning Duminda Silva's health condition.






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