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Truth behind “Missing” businessman bared

The gold jewellery businessman from Bandaragama who was arrested by a special police team attached to the Trincomalee Police in Haldummulla taken to the Trincomalee Magistrate’s Court. Picture by M.A.Gunananda, Trincomalee Special Group Corr


 The Police yesterday unravelled the truth behind the disappearance of a businessman from Bandaragama who had purpotedly gone for a gold auction at a bank in Trincomalee.

According to Police, the businessman had stage managed his disappearance to avoid repayment of debts to the tune of Rs 250 million.

A team of officers of Trincomalee Police arrested the businessman at Haldummulla while traveling to Haputale by public transport at around 1.00 a.m. yesterday.

Trincomalee Police commenced investigations after a complaint lodged by the driver of the businessman who stating that Mohommad Nazrin who came to Trincomalee in his car had gone missing since last Sunday afternoon.

Investigations revealed that Nazrin,(35), a resident of Atalugama in Bandaragam, had gone to Trincomalee to attend an auction in a government bank last Saturday with 12 others in three cars. Nazrin had borrowed more than Rs 250 million from his friends and fellow businessman by then. On the way they had lodged at a guest house in Kantale where they spent Saturday night.

They had gone to the bank on Sunday morning and Nazrin had left the bank on the pretext of going to a nearby pharmacy.

He then switched off his mobile phone and got into a bus to reach Jaffna where he spent Monday and Tuesday in hiding. By now Nazrin’s father had lodged a complaint with the Bandaragama Police stating that his son had gone missing in Trincomalee.

The incident galvanized the media and the security authorities since two weeks ago another businessman from Bambalapitya was kidnapped and killed.

Four teams attached to the Trincomalee Police continued with their investigations and the police uncovered that Nazrin who was believed to have been kidnapped had phoned one of his friends.

The investigation teams obtained CCTV footage which showed Nazrin going to a communication to make the phone call. The investigation teams who were on high alert on Tuesday evening received information that Nazrin had left Jaffna in a bus. A team of police officers traveled to Haputale and arrested Nazrin while travelling in the bus.

The suspect was remanded until September 13 after being produced before Trincomalee Magistrate T. Sarawanaraja yesterday.

Meanwhile three persons who had been arrested on suspicion of having collaborated with the suspect were ordered to be released by Magistrate Sarawanaraja as they had no connection to the incident.


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