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Mass scale shock terminations at Mackwoods


In a move that sent shock waves through the Mackwoods Group it is learnt that unsuspecting employees of the main Company, were terminated last week with no notice whatsoever, and forced to accept an ex gratia payment in place of a compensation package.

This was accompanied by a letter of termination which terminated them the same day and undertook to pay provident fund and gratuity and a verbal promise to pay the previous two months unpaid salary and other long outstanding dues.

It was however observed that the termination letter the employees were forced to sign, stated that they had no further claims on the Company, thus possibly providing the management with a loophole to avoid meeting g those further dues the Unions alleged.

They also accuse that this is being instigated by Chris Nonis .

One employee observed , “ this was a deliberate and calculated move to dupe us into accepting termination.”

This latest development follows in the wake of the disputed sale of the controlling interest in Agalawattte Plantations PLC, the Groups largest asset, by Chris Nonis, Shelendra Nonis Ranaweera and Lalith Fonseka last month.

With regard to the recent mass terminations at Mackwoods, the Management claimed that the termination was precipitated by the adverse financial situation due to litigation against the Company in May as well as the a Bank’s parate action whereby the Company’s factory at Ja-ela was seized, which the management claimed , made it impossible for the company to carry out its normal operations and were therefore not in a position to offer work to the employees. 


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