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Hackers defaced thirty-seven other websites, Court learns


The Colombo Magistrate’s Court learned yesterday that the two suspects arrested for hacking into the President’s official website had previously hacked thirty-seven other sites.

The two - a seventeen-year-old from Kadugannawa and a twenty-seven-year-old from Moratuwa – interacted with each other on a forum called ‘Yakadaya’, the Crimes Investigation Division (CID) of the Police told Colombo Magistrate Gihan Pilapitya, yesterday. 

The Crimes Investigation Division (CID) of the Police filed a ‘B’ report before the Colombo Magistrate informing the Court that the two suspects had violated Sections 3,4, 5 and 6 of the Computer Crimes Act. 

Defense Counsel Harin Hettiarachchi and Sudantha Dodaawatta argued on behalf of their clients, they had no criminal intent. 

The two hacked into the President's official website www.president.gov.lk on Friday (August 26), and once again on Saturday and posted a message asking that Advanced Level examinations be postponed till after the April holidays.

They also asked the President to remove the Prime Minister from office, and to pay more attention to the demands of university students.

Identifying themselves as a collective 'The Sri Lankan Youth', they had also warned of a cyber war if websites in Sri Lanka were not more secure.

The message, posted in Sinhalese on the first day and in English in the second day, read as follows: 

Dear Mr President,

We are extremely displeased about the decision to hold GCE A/L in April since the Sinhala/Hindu New Year falls in between the exam dates. Therefore, reconsider that decision. Furthermore, take care of the security of Sri Lankan websites. Or else, we will have to face a cyber war.

If you cannot control the situation hold a Presidential Election.

Stop the Prime Minister's irresponsible work.

Look more into the problems of the university students.

The Sri Lankan Youth"


The CID, supported by the Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) made their first arrest on Monday, tracing the seventeen-year-old schoolboy to his home in Kadugannawa. The second arrest of a twenty-seven-year-old from Moratuwa was made on Tuesday morning. 

Magistrate Gihan Pilapitiya ordered the seventeen-year-old suspect be held in probation at the Makola Children’s Home and the twenty-seven-year-old in Police custody until Spetember 2, when the case will be taken up next. 







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