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JHU wants CoI into racism in North and East


The Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) yesterday called on the government to appoint a Commission of Inquiry into the campaign carried out of by certain racist and separatist elements of the TNA against Sinhala people in the North and East, and building of Buddha statues, in these regions.

Addressing a media briefing in Colombo yesterday, JHU National Organiser and Media Spokesman Nishantha Sri Warnasinghe said that these elements have launched a campaign against Sinhalese villages such as Navathkuli, Bogaswewa and Murukandi and building Buddha statues in Kokilai Sambodhi Viharaya and several other temples.

“These incidents should be inquired into. A large number of Kovils and Cristian churches are also being built in the North and East. But these forces are silent about these activities. They protest only when Buddha statues are erected in these regions. We must ensure rights of the Sinhalese in the North and East,” Warnasinghe said.

“We ask the authorities to reveal what they have done towards the welfare of Sinhala families displaced due to the war. How many of them have resettled and ensured their basic facilities? How many Sinhala schools have reopened to provide education for the Sinhalese children? We would also like to know what happened to the inquiry on the attack of Sinhalese students studying at Jaffna university. Has the government ensured the protection of these students to study freely?,” he asked.

“The government is keeping mum about these developments in the North and East fearing communal problems. However, this will result in denial of rights of the Sinhala speaking people in the North and East. All rights enjoyed by the Tamils in the N and E should also be given to the Sinhalese as well. Otherwise it is a major impediment in creating reconciliation. The government has done many things to create reconciliation among Sinhala and Tamil communities. But, these racist and separatist Tamil forces have not changed,” Warnasinghe alleged.

He said Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan is silent about these issues. They should publicly renounced that they do not accept the concept of a Tamil homeland and Federal state and upholding the unitary state.

When the government is trying to provide water to the North through the Moragahakanda project, Northern Chief Minister Vigneshwaran wants to claim his share. This shows who the racist is. If these things are continued, we have to react.

“It is our Security forces who saved the lives of 11,000 hard core LTTE terrorists and integrated them into the society after rehabilitation.” 


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Everyone who he she may be must free to do for living earning educating praying entertaining with total freedom across the country. Freedom of expression thought movement

If you go to the North or East, it is apparent sign-posts and name-boards etc are displayed inTamil but not in Sinhala. What can one make of this? If it was such in Colombo, there would be unsurmountable protests.

If a Commission is appointed it should investigate all types of racism not only the racism of the North and East. All communities show racism.

If a Commission is appointed it should investigate all types of racism not only the racism of the North and East. All communities show racism.

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