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World’s tallest Christmas tree in Sri Lanka

The rightful place for Buddhism will not be conpromised, similarly the other religions will be protected as well, said Minister of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranatunga. He stated that the present good governance can protect peace and harmony of this nation. The time has come to stop political selfishness and start on religious harmony, Rantunga added. The Minister stated this attending the opening ceremony of the creating of the world's tallest Christmas tree. The ceremony which was organized by Arjuna Ranathunga Social Welfare Society was held on Thursday at the Galle Face Green.

Mexico holds the record for creating the world’s tallest Christmas tree. Its 295 feet in height. The fundamental expectation of Arjuna Ranathunga Social Welfare Society is to break this record and build the world’s tallest Christmas tree at Galle Face Green. In order to create the world tallest Christmas tree, Ranatunga laid the foundation stone at the auspicious time 10.07 am, giving priority to religious observances. Speaking at the ceremony, he said that some politicians have narrow objectives to destroy religious harmony.

“When handing over this country to the next generation we should make sure that there are no clashes between nations.

"There should not be any religious problems. Today the environment has been created for the monks, Christian Fathers, Muslim and Hindu priests, to sit together and talk about their religions. As a Buddhist country, on every occasion the other religious leaders support Buddhism for its safety. The Cardinal stated that no harm should come to Buddhism.

Politicians must be more intelligent when there are such religious leaders in our country.

I ask all selfish politicians to stop playing with the country and start propagating religious harmony. We have received an opportunity to continue on a successful journey by joining hands with President Maithreepala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe,” Ranathunga said.

The Buddhist forum of the Sri Lanka Port Authority will sponsor the creation of the world’s tallest Christmas tree at Galle Face Green.

Ranathunga said the Christmas tree which symbolises peace and harmony would be unveiled on December 24.

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