Jumbo with gun shot injuries captured | Daily News

Jumbo with gun shot injuries captured

An elephant which had been a threat to farmers in Thirappane and Maradankadawala areas was trapped and captured after a three day operation by wildlife officers yesterday.

The elephant had been roaming in the forests of Manewa and Machchagoda.

The elephant had killed two people and damaged cultivations in chenas in the area.

Wayamba and NCP wildlife veterinary surgeon Dr. Chandana Jayasinghe, Ampara division Dr. Nihal Pushpakumara and a team comprising 25 wildlife officers trapped the elephant. Dr Jayasinghe said that the elephant is around 45 years and had gun shot injuries all over its body. It will be transported to Horowpothana Elephant Holding Grounds. Around 60 people die from elephant attacks while 260 elephants die due to human related activities every year. 


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