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Loading of crude oil from Singaporean ship temporarily halted

The loading of crude oil from a Singaporean ship has been temporarily halted due to damage in a hose of a buoy in the Muthurajawela oil storage facility.

Ceylon Petroleum Storage Terminal Limited (CPSTL) Chairman Shehan Senevirathne told the Daily News yesterday repairs to replace a new hose commenced yesterday and were expected to be completed within the same day.

He said the unloading of crude oil in the ship would commence today.

Senevirathne said the delay would not cause any shut down of the Sapugaskanda Oil Refinery as it has enough crude oil stocks in the storage to be refined.

He said no demurrage payments to the ship would be required as there is adequate time to unload and dispatch it.

An oil leak from one out of about 10 hoses fixed to the buoy was detected early Saturday. The chairman said the oil leak did not cause great damage as measures were taken to halt the unloading soon after detecting the leak.

CPSTL Director T.G. Jayasinghe said even though there had been early detection of the leak, the repairs could not be carried out on Saturday due to rough seas and rainy weather. He said the ship was carrying 70,000 tons of crude oil and its dispatch time was two and half days.

“This time is more than enough. We can dispatch it before the time runs out,” he said.

Jayasinghe said another petrol shipment has arrived, adding that it would be sent to the Kolonnawa terminal. 


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