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Government delaying to confirm national audit act; JVP


The JVP alleged that the government only presents castrated acts to the public while delaying to confirm the national audit act in the parliament. The JVP allege that they are trying to present the national audit act after subjecting it to castration.

Addressing a media briefing yesterday, JVP parliamentarian Sunil Handuneththi said that the UNP government in 2003 attempted to change the laws and regulations of the country, in order to match them with their Liberal economy. But the UNP had to give them up due to numerous opposition staged by the general public and ultimately resulted in losing the general election.

The present Ranil-Maithree government is also adopting the same old procedure while gambling with the general publics’ vote says, the JVP. “The best example is the national audit act.

The government happened to confirm the 19th amendment due to massive public demand. As a result they happened to establish the national audit service commission. Although a new building had been set up to be used as its office, the national audit act had not yet been confirmed in parliament.

This act should get confirmed for the enforcement of the national audit commission.” he said. “The auditor general had not been able to appoint the necessary officers due to the delay of the confirmation in parliament.Also he could not receive a salary due to the delay of this act.

A massive discussion had arisen about the auditor general. A positive public opinion had been established about him due to the historical report of 1251 pages that he presented to the parliament COPE committee regarding the treasury bond transaction of the CB governor," he added.

“Although the government is not acting according to the public mandate we can still see the auditor general working according to public mandate which is a good feature. The public had placed their trust on him”

“The UNP parliamentarians make excuses for the delay in bringing the audit act to the parliament, saying that it contains certain sentences pertaining to national security. But we challenge the government to point out even one sentence included in the audit act which is a threat to national security.” he added.

JVP Central committee member and provincial council MP Attorney At law Sunil Watagala also addressed the media. 


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