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GMOA to toughen its stance if...

The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) will toughen its stance if the government does not pay heed to its demands, GMOA Secretary Dr. Naveen de Zoysa said yesterday.

“We will convene a special Central Committee meeting on July 6 to discuss about our future plans. We will stick to firm decisions if the government does not heed our demands,” he said. The GMOA launched an island-wide token strike from 8.00 a.m. to noon yesterday. The token strike was launched to mark its opposition to the unlawful action by SAITM, Malabe to obtain registration of the SLMC for their medical graduates and against the attack carried out on peaceful protest demonstration by medical students.

The token strike was also against the involvement of the Health Minister in the appointments of medical officers prepared by the transfer board of ministry, actions taken by the minister in contradiction of the Drug Regulatory Authority, the process adopted by the government to sign ETCA without preparing a national policy, attempts to dissolve the state service and the ministry not taking steps to grant admission to children of doctors who had got transfers and foreign training.

However, smooth functioning of children’s LRH, maternity hospitals, kidney and cancer hospitals were ensured.

“We launched this token strike action in objection to the registration of SAITM which has not yet received the approval from SLMC. We manged emergency services and dengue patients too which clearly proves that this strike was carried out with the intention of building a safe health future for the patients. The government, who took this unsolicited decision will have to bear the sole responsibility of the innocent patients who had been affected by the strike,” Dr. de Zoysa said.

“The GMOA very clearly stated that the Private Medical College (PMC) should have the basic minimum standards to produce medical graduates into the health care system of the country. Unfortunately, it is evident that the minister is trying to give acceptance to the PMC overruling the SLMC,” Dr. de Zoysa said.

“Judging by his actions, we wonder whether the minister has different motives which are not in line with the government policy regarding the health sector. To be more precise, these actions are extremely detrimental to the image and expected objectives of the government elected with a mandate to establish good governance. Therefore, we firmly believe to safeguard the objectives of the government, either the Prime Minister or the President needs to foresee the actions of the Health Minister, ” he said.

“We have learnt that certain ministers are pressurising President Maithripala Sirisena to refrain from taking over SAITM,” Dr. de Zoysa said.

“Otherwise it will not be possible to prevent the impending crisis of the entire health sector which will very badly reflect on the government.”

The Government Dental Surgeons’ Association and the Government Ayurvedic Doctors’ Association also joined the strike organised by the GMOA yesterday, Dr. Zoysa said.

Members of the GDSA extended their protest for 24 hours while Sri Lanka Public Service United Nurses’ Union and several other unions in the health sector extended their support, he said.

Failure by the authorities to favourably respond to this token strike will make them to resort to an indefinite island-wide strike, the GMOA Secretary warned.


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These doctors who have had free education cannot stop a University where the students are paying. If this continues SL Govt should terminate all of them and bring doctors from overseas to work in SL/ These stooges should be given a good lesson on how to behave.

If SAITM do not have minimum standard send them back to further training and education for some period. Don't waste everyone's time and money.

The only remedy to stop these blood thirsty, greedy lot is to deny media access. If the media doesn't report their news conferences & activities, all this nonsence will stop. These are all media shows.

GMOA concern must be to help SLMC give registration to SAITM. UGC and PGIM in charge of medical education. Health ministry employs, but GMOA TU violently obstructed SAITM at every turn. SAITM somehow received training in 5 private and 2 government hospitals in nearly 7 years. SLMC has no written criteria called minimal. Only yearly exam. results prove they have covered requirements and SLMC knows this. Last year 9 member Prof. Sheriff team pointed some areas for improvement, and they did that and sat exam. Now MBBS is equal to all state UGC approved uni They have equal protection of the law, from striking rebel GMOA. Some uni have no buildings like Anatomy, Colombo. Some have no staff prof units. Others lack in many areas. But lack is covered by visiting staff. Crazy to think MBBS SAITM fell from the sky. No ragging and street marches gave them time to study. Their appointment books with consultant's signatures prove this. If SLMC has a conscience, MBBS SAITM will fly through with their distinctions but they fear their big bully

Instead of asking to Close the SAITM, what they should force authorities to apply the required standard to the university. For example minimum A/L marks when recruit fresher. Even SAITM closed, many student are going to oversees and coming back with private MBBS . Who know the quality of those universities in countries like Bangladesh? I also think GOMA should be more logical and should not just think only the way to maintain their monopoly in profession in Sri Lanka.

If that doctors remove few organs of your body, then you have go to inter nation courts and you have to find lawyers at very cost, poor of this county can afford.

We are desperate for doctors to service the outback communities.To fulfill this task and provide medical care there must be a minimum of 50 or more consulting specialist suites in every government hospital to meet the growing demand. I fully endorse the minister's action.

It's a shame that the SLMC does not make an attempt to work with SAITM on this issue and rather just defaults to working against the institution. Surely there are greater benefits to the practice as whole and not to mention the country if we can keep the money, jobs and skills within our own and not always lose it to overseas institutions i.e. if the SLMC can accept qualified doctors from as far away as Nigeria where the council surely would have no clue as to what standards are being implemented, then why be so strongly against the idea of our own institutions? I have also heard through many credible sources that SAITM have made repeated attempts to engage with the SLMC and work with them to find common ground but the SLMC has point blank refused to do anything other than have it shut down which is just downright regressive. They need to be reminded that the current standard for Sri Lanka's public health care is very low and people do not have the confidence in their abilities not their moral judgements so really if they want to fix anything or even for us to start taking themselves seriously they should fix themselves first! The free education system is great but it does not mean that when you are the beneficiary you need to see any other alternatives as a threat. Remember, education is also free because people paid for it through taxes and we all hope that the education that we all pay for will only bring out the best in our children and as a result in a bright future for our country, however on instances such as this it only turns to disappointment when that product of that combine effort happens to be the selfish and narrow minded individuals that seem to now represent the SLMC.

This is not medical practice. This is politics. No other country has doctors do politics as this much. This is a disgrace to the profession. You as doctors should have freedom to do what you want but there is something call medical ethics. You shoul not put the poor patients come to you in danger for your gains. I am 200% sure at least the big person will be in party politics soon. This is rediculous. If you want to fight aganst injustice that should do it in a professional manner that suits doctors. Do you think any MP, minister, PM or president will come to see you in OPD or A&E for help. It will be poor patients. I strongly agree that doctors should oppose to any move to produce poor quality so called doctors in medical shops but should not mixed up with all issues in the contry. Take an example form France, all the unions unit to take action against injustice to workforces but medics never involve in these strikes. They respect thier values and responsibilities. They don't mix the party politics with profession. If the GMOA doctors are intelligent, then they should start thinking in a professional manner to deal with these issue not like idiots. If they want to do politics then they should be out in stage, but should not be a disgrace to such a superior profession.

SAITM students have undergone this training for the last 5 years and they were not so adamant during the last regime. Why not GMOA help the government to give SAITM students a better training if they feel their standard is poor instead of doing politics.

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