‘No SLPA land or terminals will be privatised’ | Daily News

‘No SLPA land or terminals will be privatised’


Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) Chairman Dammika Ranatunga told the Daily News that there is no room for privatisation,but, the expansion of the proposed East Container Terminal will be developed under a public-private partnership.

Asked whether any property of the Colombo harbour such as lands and container terminals including Jaya Container Terminal (JCT) are going to be privatised, he stressed that no property of the harbour will be privatised even though certain elements level baseless allegations for political gain.

The Chairman added no land or container terminals will be privatized. There is no such plan or even a talk on privatization since the port is the heart of the country’s economy.

“The JCT is making profits and therefore there is no need for privatization. But the proposed further development of the East Container Terminal will be implemented through public private partnership at a cost of US$ 90 million. Under this development proposal, the terminal will be further extended to1,200 meters from 460 metres” Ranatunga said. Cabinet approval is needed not only for privatization but also for leasing out any property for a period of more than five years. Therefore, privatization is not as easy as some think, he added.



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