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Take action against lawbreakers: GMOA

The main concepts of good governance is safeguarding democracy, rule of law and justice. The government is changing the vision and mission of the country and beating up those fighting for a just society, Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) Chairman Dr. Nalinda Herath said.

Addressing a media briefing in Colombo yesterday, he said law enforcement officers in the country should act against persons who break the country's rules by misusing power and money.

The officers should punish persons who cheat the public and steal the hard earned money of parents and not persons who fight for justice, he said.

Dr. Herath deplored Thursday's "attack on qualified medical students from state universities who demanded justice."

The government and law enforcement officers should stand by them. The GMOA is monitoring the situation and stern action will be taken on June 25 at the Annual General Meeting, he said.

The so called private medical faculty at SAITM, Malabe is completely illegal and the so called 'medical students’ from this institution do not exist at all. No medical faculty or medical students can exist in Sri Lanka without the approval of the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) which is the state body responsible for implementing Medical Ordinance, he added.


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Good idea !, take action against law barkers ! Take action against who contempt courts ! Take action against who violate fundamental human rights of students and innocent patients ! Read the health act properly and take actions against doctors who violate law and do private practice violating its provisions ! Take action against people who provoke innocent unit students and bring them to streets! Take action against who steel government drugs ! Take actions against persons who mala fide alleged and destroy other persons reputation and professional profiles!. There wont be any space in jail as it will be filled by members of medical mafia.

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