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Poson messages

Host of proud cultural features as a result of Arahat Mahinda’s arrival: President

Poson Poya Day, which falls tomorrow, recalls historical reminiscences that enrich the Sinhala culture and its moral values through the influence of Buddhist culture that was introduced with the establishment of the Buddha Sasana with the arrival of Arahath Mahinda, President Maithripala Sirisena states in a message to mark Poson.

The message: "Intellectuals rank this historical instance, which occurred 2,323 years ago as the most significant milestone of the Sinhala culture. We received an extraordinary spiritual stimulant and cultural pride through Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy.

"Non violence, tranquility, humanity, equality, frugal lifestyle and national pride became a part of our proud cultural features as a result of the arrival of Arahat Mahinda.

"The field of the visual arts, including the Sinhala literature nourished in a comprehensive, vibrant and unprecedented manner as a result of that cultural revitalisation. The Anuradhapura Samadhi Statue, moonstone carvings and Aukana Buddha statue symbolise our rich aesthetic cultural heritage to the world.

"We should recall on this important Poson Poya day that none of the external forces that invaded our country from time to time could succeed in vandalising our rich and unique culture. As persons who grew up with that pure philosophy and culture there is no obstacle for us to see the world with an open and compassionate mind. Let us resolve ourselves to fill our lives with compassion and contentment on this Poson Poya Day.

"May you all be blessed by the Noble Triple Gem."

Poson has been singularly a pivotal moment in history for Sri Lanka: PM

When King Devanampiyatissa encountered Arahat Mahinda, it changed the course of history for Sri Lanka. It still is a history making occasion that never fails to leave its imprint afresh in our hearts and our lives, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe states in a message to mark Poson.

The message:

"Over the centuries, Buddhism has played an extraordinary role of importance in transforming Sri Lanka’s spiritual, cultural and political landscape; its impact has been life changing whether for the individual, the society at large or the process of governance.

"Poson has been the singularly vital pivotal moment in history for Sri Lanka and continues to inspire us to seek the true meaning of Dhamma; every Poson, we pursue the renewal of hope, the serenity and the joy to be found in adhering to true values of the Dhamma.

"Today, we live in times that persuade us to practice the Dhamma with a new fervour and hope, replenishing the thirsty, reaching the places unreached, changing lives and touching the untouched.

"May this Poson refresh us and renew us in the light of the Dhamma."


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