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Police deploy 3,000 to A’pura for Poson

More than 3,000 police officers have been deployed in Anuradhapura during Poson, Acting Director of the Police Media Division SSP Priyantha Jayakody said.

He said the officers would be deployed to the Eight Sacred Places 'Atamasthana', in Anuradhapura, Mihinthalaya and in Thanthirimalaya to ensure the safety of devotees. They would also help implement the special traffic plan drawn to deal with the influx of traffic during the Poson season.

Jayakody also said the Police Anti-Vice Squad would use trained canines capable of tracing drugs.

He requested devotees to obey the warnings and various signs displayed near tanks, ponds and other public places, to avoid accidents.

He said that lifeguards would be on duty near the main tanks in Anuradhapura, and advised devotees to bathe in designated areas in the vicinity of the lifeguards.

He also requested the public not to bathe in the tanks under the influence of liquor. Officers of the Police Environment Protection Unit will also be on duty, together with Civil Security Department personnel to safeguard the environment.

He also asked that drivers obey road rules and drive in accordance to speed limits to minimize road accidents during Poson season. 


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