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Rs. 4 m for hit-and-run victims

A sum of Rs. 4 million was distributed to 36 persons who had either died or suffered serious injuries in road accidents caused by unidentified vehicles.

This was done at a ceremony presided over by Transport Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva, at the ministry auditorium on June 6. The ceremony was sponsored by the National Committee on Road Safety.

Minister de Silva said ensuring the safety of lives was prime duty of those who governed the country. “We should ensure the safety of road users and life and property of people in general. But there are occasions when lives could not be protected no matter what safety measures were taken - floods and other natural disasters caused a loss of lives and property,” he said.

“We ought to learn lessons from such calamities. No country has succeeded in overcoming natural disasters. But countries have been able to mitigate damage caused by disasters, by taking suitable measures in time. When we look at the outside world, we see that developed countries have succeeded in mitigating road accidents,” he said.

“If we are to reduce road accidents we should have developed roads, drivers should be courteous and observe road rules, vehicles put on the road should be mechanically sound and upto standard and pedestrians should also observe road signs and signals,” he said.

“There should be discipline among drivers and pedestrians and officials enforcing laws and regulations should be honest and sincere,” He said his ministry had launched several technical programmes in league with the WHO to minimise road accidents.


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