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Minister Vajira unaware of Palpita’s appointment


Home Affairs Minister Vajira Abeywardena rejected the so called appointment of former Director General of Telecommunications Regulatory  Commission Anusha Palpita as an Additional Secretary of the Home Affairs Ministry calling it a “media appointment”.

“I am unaware of this appointment and it is an appointment given by the media to create a media bubble. During the time of disaster, when we strongly urged the service of government servants, he extended his co-operation as he too was a government servant”

The minister said that the government servants are administered through the establishment code.

He also added that government appointments are done through the Public Service Commission and if such an appointment was done a letter should be forwarded to him. However the Minister had not received any appointment letter.

“According to the Constitution, the Establishment Code and Police Ordinance act any person who is a suspect of a crime is free of guilt until it is proved by the court.Therfore the media should act taking that into mind,” he said.

However, a number of civil Society activists were in arms against the appointment of Anusha Palpita as an “Additional Secretary” of the Home Affairs Ministry, when he was facing charges of allegedly misappropriating over Rs. 600 million for the distribution of Sil Redi on the eve of the last Presidential election.



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