Australia ready to help Sri Lanka following damaging landslides, floods: Aust'n FM | Daily News

Australia ready to help Sri Lanka following damaging landslides, floods: Aust'n FM

Australia has pledged to provide any assistance it can to the government of Sri Lanka following news that extreme weather had caused flash floods and landslides which have killed at least 58 people and displaced almost half a million more.
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop on Friday said that Sri Lanka was a close friend to Australia, and that the government would have no hesitation in sending assistance to help with the clean-up or to help resettle those who have lost their homes.
"Our thoughts are with the Sri Lankan people after heavy rainfall in recent days caused widespread flooding and landslides, loss of life and damage to homes," Bishop said in a statement.
"The Australian government stands ready to provide any assistance that our Sri Lankan friends may require in responding to this disaster."
She said a number of Australians might currently be working or holidaying in the small island nation, and urged them to contact family and friends to let them know they were safe. Bishop said following the direction of local authorities was crucial for those intending to visit Sri Lanka.
"Any Australians intending to remain in or visit the region should heed the advice of local authorities and stay informed of local conditions," she said.
"Australia's travel advice for Sri Lanka has been updated and any Australians travelling to Sri Lanka should also ensure they are registered (with the government) and monitor travel advice to the region."
The landslides -- which have affected a number of regions in the nation -- were caused by days of torrential rain. The BBC estimates that almost half a million people have been displaced while at least 58 have been confirmed dead in the disasters. (Xinhua)

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