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Seychelles ready to support Lanka’s probe on off-shore bank accounts


The Seychelles government is ready to cooperate with the Sri Lankan government in its efforts to investigate into fraud and corruption, especially with regard to off-shore bank accounts and assets in the Seychelles.

The Seychelles is already cooperating with the Sri Lankan government through the Finance Investigation Unit in Seychelles with regard to investigations into any fraud and corruption. Seychelles Environment, Energy and Climate Change Minister Didlier Dogley told the Daily News on the sidelines of the Inter-Water Resource Management Conference organised by the Global Environment Facility, at Negombo.

“Seychelles has signed the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) guidelines for off-shore banking. We keep off-shore dealings transparent. All information on transactions is can be inspected and checked by authorized bodies,” Dogley said.

He added that for each account that is opened in Seychelles, owners have to be declared. Earlier in other jurisdictions, people were able to open a briefcase and didn’t have to declare ownership. Today, this is not accepted.

“Every year, all jurisdictions are reviewed. If you look up the internet, you will see that Seychelles is one of the countries that is clean. We are abiding by all international rules,” the Seychelles minister said.

He added that after a formal request, authorized bodies can check transactions if in doubt.

“The Seychelles government has been working with the Panama jurisdiction and there is definitely interest in the off-shore banking system. But we are very clear on that. We’ve been following all the international rules making sure that our systems are clean,” he said.

The Seychelles is also ready to help the Sri Lankan government in investigating fraud and corruption. “We have made sure that we are not allowing the wrong people into our country. So if there is any investigation, Seychelles will cooperate as long as it is reciprocal on both sides,” the Seychelles minister added. 



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